The Unveiling of Soju

Aside from being a Korean moonshine, “Soju” is what I named my baby before he was here, before I knew that he was, in fact, a HE. That’s right, we decided we didn’t want to know the gender until the baby arrived. And while I think the rest of the world acted like they were dying to know if it was a boy or a girl, I think they had just as much fun guessing and betting on it. So you’re welcome, friends and family.



First of all, how’d we come up with Soju?

“Soju” comes from the female and male names that we had chosen. Our girl name was Sophia Jane (we both love the name Sophia and Jane is my middle name and that of my aunt and both grandmothers). Our boy name was Julian Harold (my father-in-law’s middle name + my dad’s middle name). I couldn’t continue on calling the baby, “it”, so then “Soju” was born.


Why didn’t we want to know?

Of course we wanted to know! I hear so many women say “Oh, I just couldn’t do that. I’d HAVE to know. How can you do that?” My own mother also insisted that I already knew the gender and was withholding this pertinent information from her as a form of grandparent hazing. We honestly didn’t know. My husband and I decided that it would be more fun not knowing. We will never have another surprise like that one (unless we decide to have another child together, of course).


What about the nursery and the baby clothes? actually makes things pretty simple. It’s all neutral. And by neutral, I don’t mean boring. The nursery was painted a cool grey color with white trim, crib, dresser and nightstand, and a bright-colored rug with handprints on it that I bought off of Amazon. ((Amazon is dangerous, y’all. Especially when you’re at the end of the third trimester and really uncomfortable and then after delivery when you’re home nursing or pumping. Retail therapy time at its finest.)) We hung up some framed Dr. Seuss prints and we were good to go. As for the clothes, most of the time he’s in a diaper and a white onesie or something with a neutral pattern. It’s not like he’s going anywhere and needs to get dressed up just yet. We have time - and anything I need in a hurry can again be purchased on Amazon. Like a tuxedo onesie.


What about a gender reveal party?

No, we didn’t need one of those. Let me just say that I have nothing against finding out the gender or having a gender reveal party. It just wasn’t for us. That’s not our style. Plus, we had baby showers galore, we run a CrossFit gym and host events there, I work full-time, we have a dog (hey, it’s a responsibility, dammit), and we just didn’t have time for one more event. I didn’t have time to pilfer through Pinterest for reveal ideas, okay?


This doesn’t mean that I didn’t participate in some old wives’ tale tomfoolery. I absolutely did. The hanging the needle from a string thing - 1st time said it was a girl, the 6 times right after that said boy. My bestie, Kristi, did a tarot card reading and got all swords and wands. From then on, she began calling my baby, Julian. So ya know, I’d say that was spot on - who needs to pay for an ultrasound?


Would we do it again?

You’re assuming that I want to go through the pain of childbirth again? That’s bold. But yes, I’d still choose not knowing. There was no feeling that compared to my doctor congratulating us and giving me our baby boy! Soju was finally here and I could call him Julian.

Abrie Sellers